Finished view of Sinkits E-Bracket undermount sink bracket
Sinkits E-Brackt
Installed Sinkits E-Brackt

E-Brackets require no drilling, slotting or adhesives.

They hang over the cabinet divider for strength.

E-Brackets are adjustable to accommodate different situations.

Only one screw is needed to hold them in place.

Recommended set up for E-Bracket with 60/40 double kitchen sink
LC-Bracket if needed
(Purchased separately)

Typical layout for a 60/40 kitchen sink with an LC-Bracket shown to support the middle of sink.  (LC-Bracket purchased separately)

E-Bracket underount sink layout with kitchen sink imposed

Sink super-imposed to show locations of E-Brackets.

Bracket Stabilizer

Sinkits E-Bracket stabilizer for use with thin rimmed sinks

The Bracket stabilizer is used with steel sinks (Recommended but not necessary.)

It stabilizes the support screw making them less likely to wander during installation.

Assembled E-Bracket with stabilizer for stainless steel sink rim