Read what fabricators are saying!

"Just want to give a little shout out to a great product. After the first week of production with them, our shop is totally digging the sinkits. I know I'm a little late to the Sinkits revolution, but better late than never!"


Joey Marcella

Mario & Son, Inc.

2750 N. Eagle Lane

Liberty Lake, WA 99019

"I first talked to you about these probably two years ago. I even ordered a box back then. Well I finally got the shop started on using them a few months ago. The installers love these things (like I knew they would)... Thanks for making such a good product."


Darryl Miller
USA Stone and Tile

"We use them for residential work and it saves a lot of time over T-31's. Drill 6 holes on the CNC versus 6 holes and 6 slots. It saves us about 6 minutes or so per sink on the CNC time. Installers like them because they have one piece instead of a clip, bolt, washer, lock washer, and nut. This product works!"


Joe Durfee

Production Manager

American Floor Covering

"Mounted our first vanity sink Friday with the Sinkits method. Brilliance. Nicely done! Nothing so impressive as simplicity"



Cornerstone Granite

"...I would suggest the Sinkits anchors myself first. No special tools needed, and you can use drill with less expensive bits. We got some a few weeks ago. They're super easy to use and hold very well. T31 bits are expensive and don't last long."


Chris Ash

Unique Granite LLC.

Georgetown, IN

"We tried these after seeing them at the Mega Workshop. Guys love them and they work great!"


Todd Luster


Tile Marble and Stone LLC


"Unreal product eh! We bought a 1/4" blind hole bit and are loving every minute of mounting sinks now! Clean and perfect..."


Hand to Stone Custom Countertops

Kamloops BC Canada

"I showed my template guy how to use them yesterday and sent him to a commercial job in MA to show the plumber how they work. The plumber said that we just made his life very simple! 200 Sinkits vs. 200 T-31's. Winning!"


Joe Durfee

Production Manager

American Floor Covering

"Awesome product!....Simple and ingenious. I'm a DIY homeowner and found Sinkits through the Youtube video. ...Having done many bath/kitchen remodels, I can say the Sinkit is a far superior method of attaching an undermount sinks than anything else I have come across."


Eric M. Felton,


"If you guys are not using Sinkits... you should be! I had the pleasure of sitting by Kevin the majority of our Italy trip and I enjoyed all that he had to share. He sent me a set of the clips to try. I have used them, and I will never use anything else again... they are really simple to use and very well built so they should last forever! Everyone should try these as they are awesome! Thanks Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Tony Neylon

Delta Stone

Mobile, AL