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Our Made in the USA quality products are used in the countertop fabrication and installation industry, specifically for undermount sink installation and repair. All of our products work with granite, quartz, marble, and stone countertops. 


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US Patent No. 9,015,875

Winner "Innovator Of The Year" 2011  SFA Megaworkshop.

Sinkits undermount sink clips for granite. Quick, easy and profitable under counter sink mounting. Saves time. Strong and reliable!



US Patent No. 9,015,875

Undermount Sink Brackets

Slot Clips are another option that inserts into a slot instead of a hole.

LC (Low Clearance) undermount sink mounting bracket. Great for jobs when there is not enough clearance for conventional clips or clamps and repair work.

E-Brackets are used when drilling or slotting is not an option such as when using thin materials, porcelains,

quartz or when space is at a minimum.